Hydraulics and Pneumatics


4 hours per week, 30 weeks


THIS COURSE IS NOT FREE.  Fees are determined by  your eligibility to access Government Funding.  Please contact SW Tafe on 0355 648911 to discuss further.   

Friday, 6 pm - 9 pm


For entry into this course it is recommended that students have had experience in an engineering maintenance environment.

Enrolment Requirements:

- You must complete a compulsory pre-training review and language, literacy and numeracy quiz (PTR/LLN) before attending class.

Prior to your enrolment a PTR/LLN review will be conducted with you to confirm that the course you are seeking to enrol into meets your individual needs. The link will be emailed to you upon your booking. Failure to complete the pre-training review before class will incur a $20 administration fee for a booking cancellation or transfer.

- You must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to enrol in an accredited course. You can apply or get more information at www.usi.gov.au.

- Photo identification (including your date of birth) must be provided at the training

What You Learn

This course is for learners who want to gain skills in hydraulics and pneumatics.  Students will learn:

* How to Interpret technical drawings* Perform engineering measurements* Use hand tools* Use power tools/hand held operations* Use tools for precision work* Repair and fit engineering components* Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components * Maintain pneumatics system components* Maintain hydraulic system components

What You Get

Students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for accredited training

Materials to Bring

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Pens, pencils and writing paper

USB storage device

Dress Code


The Hydraulics and Pneumatics short course is designed for people in the engineering field who wish to gain entry in the hydraulics and pneumatics field.  The course runs for 20 weeks for trade qualified people who have a Certificate III in Engineering or equivalent. For non-trade qualified people the course runs for 31 weeks where you have the opportunity to also complete a selection specialist engineering units that focus on maintaining mechanical components.

To complete the course, all students will complete the following two units:

  • MEM18018C Maintain Pneumatic System Components – This unit will provide you with an understanding into the principles of pneumatics and the different components which go together to make up a circuit. Students will gain practical experience creating and fault finding pneumatic circuits consisting of various types of valves, pressure regulators, motors and solenoids.

  • MEM18020B Maintain Hydraulic System Components – This unit will provide you with an understanding into the principles of fluid power (hydraulics).  Students will gain hands on experience both creating and fault finding hydraulic circuits consisting of various types of hydraulic valves, regulators, motors and solenoids.


In addition to the two units above, non-trade qualified people will undertake the following units:

  • MEM09002B Interpret Technical Drawings – This unit will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to read and create different types of engineering drawings.

  • MEM12023A Perform Engineering Measurements – This unit will provide you with the knowledge and practical experience in using a range of engineering measurement equipment commonly used in the engineering field.

  • MEM18003C Use Tools for Precision Work – This unit builds on the unit MEM12023A Perform Engineering Measurements providing more advanced applications of measurement and machining techniques.

  • MEM18001C Use Hand Tools – This unit enables you to gain practical experience in the use of marking out equipment and basic hand tools commonly found in an engineering workshop.

  • MEM18002B Use Power Tools Handheld Operation – This unit gives you an opportunity to learn to safely use a range of portable power tools including angle grinders, nibblers, hammer and pistol drills.

  •  MEM18006C Repair and Fit Engineering Components and MEM18055B Dismantle, Replace and Assemble Engineering Components – These two units introduce you to mechanical based maintenance where you will learn the skills to dissemble a pump, diagnose and repair faults before reassembling the pump.


For students who successfully complete the course, the units completed can be accrued towards a Certificate IV in Engineering.