Vitamin and Mineral Awareness


2 hours


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Photo identification (including date of birth)

What You Learn

You will have the knowledge of vitamins, their functions and the impact they have upon your body

The basics of the digestive and metabolic systems and what you can do to ensure they function effectively

Common nutrient deficiencies and their preventative strategies

What You Get

You will walk aware of increased awareness of the impact your diet has upon your body

Certificate of Attendance

Materials to Bring

Pen and notepaper

Photo identification

Dress Code



Feeling like your body isn't quite getting what it needs and functioning it's best?

We live in a world where nutritional deficiencies are common, food is processed and stripped of its nutritional value, and pollution robs us of nutrient stores. Join us to gain the edge you need to give your body what it needs before it results in more serious health problems.

Natropath, Michelle Beever, will give you an insight into the vital importance that vitamins and minerals play in our everyday bodily functions. She will give you the ability to make informed decisions about supplementation and healing with whole foods, and the skills to help change and enhance your life.

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