Pierce Ears Workshop


2 hour Class


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PDF Download

1001364 Pierce Ears Workshop.pdf

What You Learn

What you learn how to-

• Select ear piercing equipment and products.

• Apply infection control 

• Cleanse and disinfect treatment site and mark ears for piercing.

• Load stud gun and pierce ear lobes.

What You Get

Certificate of Attendance upon completion of this course.   (This is non-accredited training) 

Materials to Bring

Pen and Paper

Photo Identification

1 model suitable for ear piercing is required 

Dress Code

Casual  (PPE equipment supplied) 


• Add an edge in your business by adding ear piercing services

• Learn to prepare the service area and the equipment

• Identify contraindications and health issues

• Best practice piercing procedure including after care advice

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Upcoming date: 11 Aug 2021