Introduction to Meditation


1 hour class for 6 weeks


Time:  6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Venue:  Online via Webex delivery 

PDF Download

1001381 Introduction to Meditation.pdf

What You Learn

6 week Meditation Short Course

With regular practice the participants will learn how to reduce their stress and anxiety, quiet their busy mind, access stillness, relaxation and potentially sleep better.

A journey to a more mindful you. 

This short course will assist students beginning their meditation journey with tools they will need to live a  more mindful life.  

What You Get

This short course will assist students beginning their meditation journey with the tools they will need to live a more mindful life. 

You will ge guided through 6 easy to follow meditation techniques with strategies for personal growth 

Materials to Bring

Pen and Notepaper

Dress Code

Comfortable casual 


Students will: 

  • Explore what Meditation is and how it can be beneficial to your health 
  • Explore the dynamics of the mind - The Yin and Yang state of mind
  • To manifest a sense of peace and calm to quiet the mind.  We can do this by exploring contemplation and concentration and how they assist our meditation practice
  • To bring loving kindness and self-compassion into our lives and to explore the connection between mind and heart
  • To create a safe place in your mind for you to retreat to in moments that could be stressful or worrying
  • To bring a sense of gratitude to our lives so we can fully experience the joy and happiness gratitude can bring

Introduction to our teacher: 

Hello - my name is Megan Nelson and I have been on my meditation journey for 5 years.  At the start of 2019 I decided I was ready to devote myself to a full-time year of meditation and further learning to deepen my practice.

Throughout 2019 I completed my Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness with the SFP College Bellbrae. I undertook in excess of 500 hours of meditation, workshops, retreats and practical meditation teaching to gain my Diploma. I am now registered with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists as an approved training provider. I am passionate about sharing mindfulness and meditation techniques with students wishing to embark on their own personal meditation journey or those who wish to deepen their practice.