Privacy Policy

South West TAFE complies with Australian Privacy laws. This is how your privacy is protected during your visit.

Collection of information

Indirect: When you access this site your Internet address is automatically collected and placed in our Internet access logs.

Direct: We may use cookies to save and retrieve information about your visit to the site (eg how you entered and what information you accessed) Our cookies would identify you only by a number.

Your email address will only be recorded if you choose to send a message.

A login name and password are required to visit secure areas, to ensure information (eg student results) is only disclosed to the intended person. You should ensure your password is kept securely and can't be discovered by anyone else.

Research surveys conducted online will have received approval from South West TAFE's Administration Committee. A survey might ask visitors for unique identifiers, such as login information.

Enrolment and registration forms require you to give your contact information and unique identifiers. You may elect to enrol in person rather than providing personal information via our website.

When personal information is collected via our website this will be done by sufficiently secure means.

Use of information

We use information obtained on this website to improve and modify the site. If the information is to be used for any other purpose we will tell you at the time we collect the information and spell out the intended use.

Personal information you supply online will be used to conduct the business of South West TAFE Such uses include student administration, provision of services and the dissemination of information. We may distribute aggregated statistical information for reporting purposes.

Your IP address is sometimes used to set up individual sessions to provide secure logins.

Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. It will not be added to a mailing list or disclosed without your consent.

Protection of information

We will not disclose personal information about you to outside parties. We do not sell your information to any third party. We will not identify users or their browsing activities except where a law enforcement agency exercises a warrant to inspect the service provider's logs.

We will only publish personal information on this site if it has been collected for this purpose with your knowledge or you have given your consent. You should be aware that information published in this way may be indexed by search engines and will be accessible to millions of people worldwide. South West TAFE has no control over the subsequent use of this published material.

External links

Some areas of our site contain links to external sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites Public forums.

Our site may contain chat rooms, forums, online teaching environments, message boards and news groups. Information disclosed in these areas becomes public information. You should be cautious about disclosing your personal information.

Quality of information

We will try to maintain accurate and up to date information regarding staff and students. If you think your personal information held by South West TAFE needs changing, contact South West TAFE directly.


This Privacy statement is periodically reviewed. Date last reviewed January 2010.