GLS Motorcycle Learner Permit


2 days


2022 DATES - TERM 1 

15 & 16 JAN 2022 - FULL

22 & 23 JAN 2022

05 & 06 FEB 2022

26 & 27 FEB 2022

05 & 06 MAR 2022

26 & 27 MAR 2022

16 & 17 APRIL 2022

30 APR & 1 MAY 2022

Enrolments close by 4pm on the Thursday prior to the scheduled training date. To finalise your enrolment please attend the closest Campus Customer Service Desk.  If you cannot attend a campus before that time, contact our friendly team on 1300 648 911, to assist you in completing the required paperwork and payment.



Please note that you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend this course

Photo identification (including your date of birth).

To get your Motorcycle Learner Permit you:

• need to be minimum of18 years old 

•  be a Victoria resident

• can’t be disqualified from holding or getting a learner permit

• need to be medically fit to drive (if medical conditions need to be assessed by VicRoads, please allow 10 business days from submission of your VicRoads Medical Form to South West TAFE, before your Motorcycle Learner Permit course date).

In preparation for the Motorcycle Learner Permit knowledge assessment, it is highly recommended participants read the Victorian Rider Handbook which is available through VicRoads, newsagents or online.

If you do not hold a current car learner permit or drivers licence, you are required to make a booking at VicRoads for a Car Learner Permit Knowledge test based on the ‘Road to Solo Driving’ Handbook. Proof of successful completion of this test must be provided to SWTAFE, prior to enrolling in the Motorcycle Learner Permit course.

What You Learn

The 2 day Motorcycle Learner Permit course will provide you with professional instruction on the fundamentals of riding safely on the road. This is regardless of how well you ride or how long you have been riding. It is also recommended for those returning to motorcycling after many years and who may never have had any professional training.

You will need to hold an Australian Motorcycle Learner Permit for at least 3 months right before you apply for your Motorcycle Licence, or have held a motorcycle licence issued in Australia, New Zealand or another country within the last 5 years (for another country visit:

It is also recommended that you hold your Motorcycle Learner Permit for a minimum of 3 months before participating in the compulsory Check Ride. The Check Ride must be completed at least one month prior to your Motorcycle Licence Assessment date.

What You Get

Training developed by VicRoads and motorcycle skills and knowledge, with the emphasis upon the importance of correct driver attitudes.

Riding experience on a range of different motorcycle makes and models including sports, cruisers and naked upright bikes, supplied by South West TAFE.

Upon successful completion of both the practical and knowledge assessments, you will be provided with a VicRoads Learner Permit Receipt, allowing you authorisation (subject to subsequent licence/permit refusal, suspension or cancellation) to operate a Motorcycle (for a period not exceeding 2 months from the date of issue), until your Learner Permit card is issued and posted to you by VicRoads.

A Motorcycle Learner Permit is valid for 15 months or until you get a motorcycle licence. If you don’t get your motorcycle licence within the 15 months, you’ll need to be retested to get another Motorcycle Learner Permit.

Materials to Bring

Pen and notepaper.

Your lunch.

Photo identification (including date of birth)

- Car Learner Permit or Drivers Licence (if held)

- If not held, proof of successful completion of a Car Learner Permit Knowledge Test at VicRoads and evidence of identity

Dress Code

When riding a motorcycle or scooter, it is crucial that you wear protective clothing to help keep you safe. Protective clothing that keeps out the wind and rain will also make riding a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Training PPE Requirements:

- Long sleeves and long pants; no exposed skin.

- Certified approved motorcycle helmet.

- Eye protection while riding; either helmet visor down or protective eyewear.

- High visibility (hi-vis) vest or jacket (supplied by SWTAFE for training use).

- Motorcycle gloves, secured at the wrists.

- Sturdy footwear with enclosed toes (no thongs/sandles/slippers etc).

- Rainwear, if necessary.



$595 (Includes VicRoads assessment fee and Learner Permit fee $25.60) and Bike hire

Full Payment is required at the time of enrolment


The 2 day training and assessment has been developed by VicRoads. The assessment includes an on and off road component and a motorcycle rider knowledge test. VicRoads recommend that you read the Victorian Rider Handbook before undertaking the assessment. 

Day One

  • Unique aspects of motorcycling
  • Mount and dismount a motorcycle
  • Major controls
  • Minor controls
  • Straddle walk a motorcycle
  • Riding posture
  • Partner push (balance and stop a non-powered motorcycle)
  • Start up and shut down a motorcycle
  • Ride straight and stop at a given point
  • Left and right turns
  • Changing gears
  • Roadcraft tactics
  • Warm up ride - curves
  • Curves - look, slow down, gear down, move away, discussion
  • Making choices
  • Introduction to slow riding
  • Simulated road ride
  • Choosing personal protective equipment
  • Motorcycle rider knowledge test

Day Two

  • Review of day 1 activities
  • Warm up ride
  • Slow ride - weave, off set weave
  • Steering -  change path straight, theory, change path curve
  • Braking - set up, from a point, to a point
  • Crash avoidance space (CAS)
  • Tactics and strategy
  • Simulated road ride

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